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2013-01-22 05:52 pm


So I don't know if any of you tuned in for the livestream Billy/Dom TORN thing but...

I only caught about a half hour of (there was a lot more) it but that half hour was magical and god they love each other so much it's not even funny.

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2013-01-07 11:36 pm


missbeizy on tumblr -- ADD ME :)
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2012-12-24 10:11 pm


In direct contrast to my previous post, have a lovely holiday, everyone. If nothing else, I had a very nice Christmas Eve. <3
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2012-12-21 10:29 pm


It has been a bad day. For multiple reasons. I am very much not with the holiday cheer and I--yeah.

I dunno.

I kind of want to just keep crying because at least that is a kind of externalizing.
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2012-11-03 05:45 pm


We are fine, BTW. Five days without power, three days without internet, and one empty refrigerator. Certainly nothing to complain about.
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2012-10-22 06:50 pm


Kids, what's the going non-Apple MP3 player today? Looking for something in the $50-$100 range, 8-16 gigs. No internet, no video, nothing fancy, just something I can create playlists on easily.
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2012-10-13 05:35 pm


Pandaria heroic dungeon set, finally done!

Of course I'll look like a dumbass when the raid loot starts dropping, BUT HEY. :)
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2012-09-19 06:16 pm
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2012-08-31 08:41 pm


It's really kind of sad that I am just using this to post Glee!porn for Mandy and Mav. I apologize, flist.

Hi? I don't really use LJ anymore. I am on Facebook if anyone wants my name (email me if you'd like it at missbeizy @ gmail dot com) and on Twitter as missbeizy as well. I do read LJ but I honestly feel no urge to use it as a blog anymore. So if you'd like to read my occasional random crap on Twitter and Facebook, feel free! I don't see why anyone would give a flying monkey butt, but hey you never know.

So, porn! Because really, that is the point of me anyway. ;)


Kurt/Blaine porn here mostly because it's too long to post as an LJ comment! )
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2011-12-20 10:20 pm
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2011-11-04 06:38 pm
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2011-10-25 07:27 pm
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2011-09-25 04:59 pm
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2011-08-23 05:26 pm

This is a blog I've never blogged before.

That was a fun earthquake, eh?
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2011-08-03 07:20 pm

Good job news for once!

They finally hired me. Full time, benefits, and the salary is not as bad as I thought it might be. YAY. Most importantly, I get to break my dependency on partial unemployment.